Georgian Style Miniature Wood Model of Ruins 1870

retail: $1,800.00

The Georgian style broadly refers to a period of design that spanned the reign of four British monarchs, from George I to George IV, who ruled during the 18th and early 19th centuries. Because the period occurred both in the British colonies in America as well as in Britain, the Georgian aesthetic is rather variable, but generally exhibits many of the canonical facets of neoclassical design, such as overarching symmetry, clean lines and classical Greek and Roman themes and motifs. Georgian decorative arts, whether from its original period or inspired by that aesthetic, are particularly recognizable and desirable, and ultimately convey a sense of refined formality and sophisticated comfort. (text by Sotheby's Home)

Grand Tour souvenir carved wood Roman wall.

Natural aging and wear.

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W: 10"
D: 6.5"
H: 35"