For 40 years, John Saladino endeavored to fuse the disciplines of Interior Design, Architecture, and Landscape Design, in order to create what are conceived as “walk-in still lifes.”

Three ingredients are central to the work:

Manipulation of Scale

Create dramatic tension, making small spaces less confining and large spaces more embracing.

Nuanced and Elusive Color

Color which changes according to the day and evening light.

Layered LIghting

Illumination which is aubrushed and often utilizing theatrical solutions.

Classical principles and Vitruvian proportions underlie the organization of each work whether modern or traditional. Typically, Mr. Saladino's projects employ corroded surfaces next to polished ones, rare furnishings with humble, outdoor objects indoors and recycled ancient materials. Whether designing architecture, interiors, or gardens, the design strives for serenity.

Mr. Saladino developed his own language, and apply the vocabulary selectively to suit each project. He says, "I believe I was born a sensualist, I studied minimalism, but history is the well I drink from. Ultimately, I seek to create environments of an alternate reality, with compelling emotional force."