Graham Saladino

For Graham, continuing the family business is not just a job, it’s an obligation to the legacy of a lifestyle. Growing up in his father’s richly designed environments – from Robin Hill in Connecticut, to the famously restored California Villa – has given Graham an inestimable education in interior design and the instinct of impeccable aesthetics.

After graduating from Manhattanville College, Graham began learning the furniture collection piece by piece in the Saladino NYC showroom. His knowledge of the company, and design, grew with every project. And now, with 24 years experience of creating gorgeous surroundings for prestigious clients, he is able to uphold the luxurious hallmarks of his father’s iconic vision.

Graham is dedicated to not only preserving his father's legacy, but forwarding it, by contributing his own modern touches to the signature Saladino Style. Graham currently lives in Connecticut, with his wife Kristen, and daughter Ava.