retail: $7,000.00

The clean and classical designs and motifs of original Louis XVI pieces have been largely interpreted as a response to the extravagant, sometimes even overwhelming, design aesthetic of the preceding Rococo period, and is today a preferred mode for creating impressive and resplendent rooms. Favoring fluted, geometric leg shapes on furniture, classical columns and straight lines – and omitting such organic shapes as the cabriole – the visual is direct and evokes an air of grand, stately elegance. Originating in the late 18th century under the reign of Louis XVI of France (1774–1793), and alternatively known as Louis Seize, the Louis XVI aesthetic initially corresponded with a re-emergence of interest in Ancient Roman civilization, a growing popularity of Enlightenment philosophy, and was first supported by such tastemakers of the time as Marie Antoinette and Madame du Barry. It also marked a return to the grand style of the popular monarch Louis XIV, and evokes the same regal sophistication and grace when employed today. (text by Sotheby's Home)

Wood frame with painted plaster decorations.

Marble pietra dura top.

Some chips on wood and plaster. Natural aging and wear.

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W: 18.25"
D: 9.25"
H: 29"