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For thousands of years, the many regions and dynasties that compose what is China today have maintained a distinctive and singular tradition of décor that has been prized and emulated worldwide for its aesthetic beauty, traditional designs and strong ties to history. Blue and white porcelain, for example, first made widely during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, has become a hallmark of traditional Chinese craft, and has been both exported and replicated worldwide. Similarly, Famille Verte and Famille Rose porcelain as well as cloisonné (the ancient technique of inlaying enamel on metal) have inspired emulation by global manufacturers and desire in collectors for centuries. Though various periods and eras have produced art and décor correlating to specific cultural trends, one can almost always rely on the presence of visual references to overarching Chinese motifs that harken to the rich ancient and historical traditions of the country; figurative examples include dragons, butterflies and the lotus, but symbols representing themes such as longevity or prosperity are equally common. Traditional Chinese décor often feature these types of symbolic decoration, but are also iconic in their own right, including pieces such as foo dogs, funerary wares and Buddha figures. Traditional Chinese furniture, ranging from scholars chairs to altar tables to intricately carved cabinets, also display a singular aesthetic that is sought-after worldwide, and often include traditional design elements inspired by canonical silhouettes like the pagoda. Perhaps most recognizable from the rich history and culture of China is the tradition of fine art, particularly painting, which appears on scrolls and sophisticated room screens, which make elegant and tasteful additions to any interior. (text by Sotheby's Home) 

Set of 4 trunks.

Red lacquered wood.

Fabric interior.

Brass hardware.

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  • Larger Chest: Width 30.75", Depth 19.75", Height 19.25"
  • Third Chest: Width 29", Depth 18.75", Height 10.5"
  • Second Chest: Width 28.5", Depth 17.75", Height 12.5"
  • Top Chest: Width 27", Depth 17", Height 6.25"